Adding Spreadsheets scope to google-oauth2 IdP gets app blocked

Hi there,

New to auth0 and possibly a dumb question:

My app needs access to spreadsheet data for the user. In my development tenant and running the app locally, I can log into Google, but the moment I choose Spreadsheets scope, Google blocks the app as being “unsafe”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Also unsure if this is relevant, but at some point my login screen just started showing the “Dev Keys” warning in the top right under a red error button, claiming I’m using developer keys in a production environment (but again it’s running locally). This wasn’t always happening and I haven’t changed anything about my setup other than to uncheck the Spreadsheets scope.

Thank you!

Hi @mattschwarz,

Welcome to the Community and apologies for the delayed response!

It sounds like you are using Auth0’s development keys for Google access. You need to create your own Google Developer account and set up your connection with those keys.

Here is some relevant documentation: