Setting the language from email in passwordless lock widget

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I’m using the Auth0LockPasswordless in the Universal Login customization page.

I have something like this:

var language = config.extraParams.lang || "en";
var authParams = {
    language: language,
var lock = new Auth0LockPasswordless(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, authParams);;

This works fine for the widget and I get the proper language displayed based on the language parameter. I’m having issues with the passwordless email, however.

Accordingly to the docs here, we can send the header x-request-language and it will inject the request_language parameter… The problem is that the header is not being injected by lock.

I also didn’t find any way in the docs to inject the header while using the widget.

Can someone assist?



Hi @uillian ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Our Engineering team is aware of the issue that /passwordless/start authentication endpoint returns request_language for SMS but not Email connections. We will keep you updated on further progress.

hi @lihua.zhang, any update on this subject ?

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We also need to set language in passwordless email