Passwordless auth email language with x-request-language / request_language


Ahen calling the /passwordless/start authentication endpoint (from some server code) I am setting the x-request-language header to specify a language and then I am testing in the email template on the request_language variable to adapt the content.

I do this according to this documentation: Passwordless Authentication with Email

This is not working, and in fact, I might be wrong but I believe this used to work and stopped working (cannot be sure when exactly, but no later than 2-3 months ago). I only noticed this regression in our app recently where users no longer receive their email in the correct language.

I have double-checked that the header is sent correctly, and tried to display the request_language value in the email body, and it is always empty.

So, is this feature actually working or is there a known issue? If there is an issue, any idea how I could have 2 different passwordless auth emails for 2 different languages (can’t see another way to do this right now)?


Hi @echavane ,

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We apologize for the inconvenience. Our Engineering team is aware of this issue and are actively investigating the possible solution. We will keep you updated on further progress.

any progress on this issue? Or suggestion of a workaround?
This seems quite blocking for all users with multi-language platforms.

Hi @echavane ,

I checked the status of this issue, looks like it’s fixed last week. Could you please verify this on your end? Thank you!

Hi @lihua.zhang
Yes, I confirm that it works as expected now.
Thank you!

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