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Setting proxy?



I just got an email that says: Your action is required on your Auth0 account Samirsabri in region Europe.

Now I understand that my proxy should allow the listed I addresses that were in the email sent, however I have no idea how to allow those IPs? Shall add them manually at my auth0 dashboard ? How? Or where shall I add them?


@prashant Can you help? action is required and I have no idea what to do at my side…
In the email I’ve got it says:

Please ensure your firewalls allows
the following IP addresses: …
but where to add those IPs please?


Have in mind that there are certain situation where you may not need to perform any action besides reviewing the email message; if you already had to white-list the IP addresses that are currently being used then you should follow the same process to white-list the new ones. The specific set of actions is dependent on the software that being used and that requires the white-list so we cannot provide a definitive set of steps.

In the event that you did not had to white-list the current set of IP addresses then it’s unlikely that you need to perform any action.


Thanks for answer