Setting about MFA


  • make users perform two-step authentication with SMS
  • pre-set user’s phone number
    (-> Users do not need to register a phone number)

Current settings are as follows.

  • enable “Multi-factor Authentication - SMS”
  • enable “Always require Multi-factor Authentication”
  • enable “Rules - Require MFA once per session”

result - first login

  1. enter email and password
  2. enter phone number
  3. receive & enter 6-digit code
  4. enable “I have safely recorded this code”
  5. continue
  6. login

result - second login

  1. enter email and password
  2. receive & enter 6-digit code
  3. login

requirement / summary
make the first login the same flow as the second login by achieving requirement

Good morning @bluestud02,

This currently isn’t an option with the way it’s designed. If you feel this workflow would bring you value, please visit and share with us your desire for his process. Each submission is directly read by our product team and helps set the flow going forward. Thanks!

Thank you for your answer.
I understand it.
I consider sharing this hope.

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Thank you @bluestud02!

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