Session timeout customizable per organization

The new organizations feature set maps very well to our customers and we considered using it. Beyond what we can implement as of today using the organizations, we have an additional requirement to configure different idle session timeouts for different organizations, because some customers have restrictive security policies and need short user idle timeouts, while for others a user experience with very long sessions is important. Does Auth0 have any plans to support idle session timeout customization on organization level in the future?

Hi @smirauta hope you are well!

We do plan to integrate Organization-level session settings for users’ Auth0 sessions in the future but don’t currently have a target date. In the meantime, my recommendation would be to ensure that your application has its own session and you may choose to reduce that idle time for users that have logged in via a given organization.

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Hi Adam :wink:
Ok I see, for now we could implement a custom idle timeout only with the application level session. Thank you!