Session cookie not created when logging on with social sign in

I am using Universal Login for SSO. It works fine when I log on with database connection (email and password), I am able to go from one app to another without signing in again. But when I use social sign in (I’m using Google) it logs in, but I don’t think any session cookie is created. So when I switch to another app, I need to login again. When I go to log in again, it prompts me to put in my details again even though I didn’t logout. This doesn’t happen when I use email and password because it recognises I’m logged in already.

Not sure how to fix this, I want SSO to work with Google as well.

Found the solution btw. I had to configure my Google details like Google clientID and Google client secret etc. This was done in Connections->Social->Google.

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Perfect! Glad to hear that! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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