Server closes when running PHP sample app

When executing either of the following

composer run app
php -S index.php

Accessing this address in the browser returns a blank page.

The output of the following commands upon execution is:

composer run app:

php -S index.php:
See the last line in the screenshot above.

The browser window, with as a URI, is empty as follows:

Switching back to the terminal:

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
With kind regards.

Hey @janik.driehaus :wave: I notice in a few of your examples you’re mentioning php -S index.php - be sure that you’re invoking php -S public/index.php from the app directory. This appears to be the issue in your final example.

In the second-to-last example, can you confirm you have a .env file present in the app directory?

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Hey Evan,
please pardon the long delay. I was able to get the sample app to run, many thanks! You’ve saved me a headache. :smiley:

I redownloaded the sample and followed the steps for installing composer; I must have run the commands in a wrong directory.

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