Sending extra params with loginWithRedirect react (@auth0/auth0-react)

Hello I did have a look in the previous threads without being able to figure out out to solve my issue

On react side I am doing

onClick={() => loginWithRedirect({
screen_hint: ‘signup’,
extraParam: ‘foo’

Log in

Then I created a post login action

exports.onExecutePostLogin = async (event, api) => {
//if ( &&“”) && === “My SPA”) {

As expected the login fails but the display does not show screen_hint keys !!

What am i doing wrong ?

Hey there @igolus welcome to the community!

It’s not entirely clear to me what your desired use case is here - Are you able to expand a bit on the exact outcome you are looking to achieve?



I just expect that the options I passed to loginWithRedirect function are present on the server action side. I need to pass additional information from react side and consume it on action side

I created this test to verify that the option are well taken into consiretation displaying the deny reason in json format and then I can check if my parameters are passed inside event object.

As you can see I cannot find the “screen_hint” keys so the there is no way to consume the data on server side for further process.

I would have expect to have the data passed to loginWithRedirect displayed on the browser !!

Hope it clarify…

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