Sending authroizationParams with default authGuard in Auth0 SDK

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I am developing an SPA web app in Angular 17 using the Auth0 SDK v2.2.2 with the new universal login method.

I am running the same web app under two subdomains: and Both are whitelisted in the Auth0 settings. When logged-in users from app1 navigate to app2, they should be automatically logged in to app2 and see the home page (and not the login page).

When I use the default authGuard which comes with the Auth0 SDK, the navigation is smooth, and internally, the authService.IsAuthenticated is true. The user sees the home page in App2 directly.

But the problem is that if I switch to a customAuthGuard, internally the authService.IsAuthenticated is always false and the user is redirected to the login page. I need to use customAuthGuard since my app needs to set ui_locale and login_hint authorisation parameters, which default authGuard does not support.

I tried changing cacheLocation from default (in-memory) to localStorage (browser storage), but no luck.

Please let me know if there is a way to achieve it.

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