Auth0 integration, redirect from vanillajs app to angular app



  • App1 (public), vanillajs
  • App2 (protected), Angular10+

So i have managed to integrate in App1, which has option to login, and auth0’s universal login redirects the user to App2.
App2 has auth0 SDK integrated, with authModule configured

However, i see a couple of issues

  1. App2 doesn’t have any session information or token info in local storage are App1 does after login
  2. on reopening App1, in the same session duration, from SDK, i always get isAuthenticated=false , even when token is present in local storage

how do i make sure that (no.1)App2 has the same token as App1 ?
and how to fix the code, so auth0 detects the right state?

p.s followed default documents & guides for integration.

p.p.s: App1 is primary domain ( & App2 is sub-domain (