Securing NodeJS Backend as well as my React-Frontend (using Auth0-Lock)?

Beginner here & new to this. I have a simple subscription site (gatsbyjs), & I am using the Auth0 Lock to enable users access to my site. My site queries some data from my nodejs server via graphql.

Now I realised that while my frontend is secured by auth0, my backend isn’t. A malicious user could thus theoretically send queries to my graphql backend en masse, even if he/she is not logged in via the frontend.

How would I go about securing the backend now? I only want logged in users to be able to query data. However, authentication goes via auth0 & the lock api, so my server seems kind of separate of all of this?

Any advice?

Hi @johncat,

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You can control access to a backend API with access tokens. See this article:

Thanks a lot for the reply! Just to make sure I understand this correctly, let me paraphrase this in absolute beginner terms:

My React frontend SPA makes a request to the Auth0 server via Lock.
The Auth0 server replies with a id-token & an access token.

Now I take the access token & include it in my request to my node server. The node server grabs the access token & itself sends a request to the Auth0 server. Auth0 responds and says: Yes, that’s a valid token. And then (then & only then) my node server sends back the requested data to the frontend.

Is this correct?

Also, and relatedly, is it ok for my SPA to store access token & id token in state (React state for example)? Or is there something to worry about?

Thanks a lot!

So I just tried it the way I describe above, with a simple test route at /accesstoken. I take the access token I get in my SPA, send it to my node server, and make a request to Auth0. It’s not working so far.

I send the token via post request to my server:’/accesstoken’, async function (req, res) {
const { token } = req.body; //grabbing the access token from the frontend

const user = await doesUserExist({ //this is a simple function which works when I request the token directly from the server with my client id & secret; using the token from the SPA, via req.body, does not work though.
  email: '',

res.send({ doesUserExist: userExistsInAuth0 ? true : false });


However, I am getting a status: 401,, statusText: 'Unauthorized',. When requesting directly via the server it works. The audience field is the same in both SPA & node server (is this how it should be? not sure, but with a different audience field it didn’t work).

Not sure where I am going wrong here?