Secrets Management in .NET Applications

The best practices to store and manage secrets in .NET applications both in development and production environments.

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Share with us your experiences in secrets management.

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I really liked the article. What I was really impressed with was the ‘Benefits and Drawbacks’ section(s). Nice touch.


Thank you so much, @kj2whe!

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Hi Andrea,
really nice article and well-explained.
Did u know if the reloadOnChange setting works also for .NET Core User Secrets?
Up to now, I was not able to start a web API proj, change a secret and have this change reflected for the API. My thought was that the User Secrets were loaded once on application startup… Not very clear why there is also this parameter on extension method builder.AddUserSecrets() :thinking:
Let me kwow your thoughts.

Hey @ivan-pesenti, thank you for joining the Auth0 Community!
Honestly, I’ve never used that feature so I can’t share with you my first-hand experience. However, it looks like your issue could be caused by the order you configure your settings. Check out this question on Stack Overflow and let me know if it solves the issue.