Secondary contact retrieve account solution advice


We are trying to implement a solution for people who may or may not be corporate users. If the user is working for an employer at the time of signup, they will likely use their corporate email address to sign up. The issue is, if they leave that employer, they may lose access to their account if they forget login details and can’t retrieve their password. We want to store a secondary (personal) contact for them to retrieve their account.

I thought about using the linked account solution but I don’t think this works for 2 auth0 accounts?

Hi @andythrive ,

I understand that you want to implement account linking for the corporate and the personal accounts, so the user can still log in after losing access to the corporate account.

I believe that the client-side user-initiated account linking can help you. Could you please check this article? The recording in the article demonstrates how to implement the project and the test result.

Hope this helps!