Account Linking - Primary & Secondary account

Hi, I want to implement an account linking , I already add the extension but I don’t where I need to define primary and secondary account as this mentions User Account Linking . Also need to add once the account linking is done is possible to redirect the logged in user to one of the apps ?


Hi @carla ,

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This article explains the steps regarding User Account Linking: Server-Side Implementation.

Basically, with the Auth0 Account Link extension installed, the user will experience the following:

Let’s say, is a verified user and has the Username-Password Authentication. And your tenant has the Google Social Authentication set up.

If this user also has a Google Account with the same email, when he tried to log in to an Application in this tenant, instead of entering username and password, he clicked on Google, then this account Link screen will popup.

There are two options.

  1. I want to skip this and create a new account.
  2. Continue

By selecting option 1, a new Google Auth account will be created for this email. Otherwise, the existing Username-password account will be linked with the Google account, with the existing account as the primary account and the new account as the secondary account.

Under the user settings → Raw Json tab, both primary and secondary accounts details are associated with the email.

And regardless users chose to link accounts or create a new account, they will be re-directed to the App.

Hopefully, the above details answered your query!

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