Searching for Users by External Identity Provider ID

Problem statement

How can the user search be used to find users by their external identity provider ID value? If the user_id is the secondary identity in the identities array, is there a way to search for a user with that value as well?

This specific “user_id” value is found in the “identities” array of the user object:

 "identities": [
            "provider": "google-oauth2",
            "user_id": "1234567890",
            "connection": "google-oauth2",
            "isSocial": true
            "profileData": {
                "email_verified": false,
                "email": ""
            "provider": "facebook",
            "user_id": "abcdefg",
            "connection": "facebook",
            "isSocial": false


This user search query will be able to return a user through an external user_id: api/v2/users?q=identities.user_id=“{external_user_id}”

Note that the each identity will be searched, so for the linked account example above in the Problem Statement section, both api/v2/users?q=identities.user_id=“1234567890”, and api/v2/users?q=identities.user_id=“abcdefg” will return the same user profile.