Scope jwt token with SpringBoot

Hi, I’m an newbie.
I’m trying to test authorization with SpringBoot.

I followed up this example(

But there is some issue that I can’t find scope values with ‘read:messages’.
I can see only “scope=openid profile email” values.
How can I get value? and what is my mistake?

I tried below steps.

  1. I made SPA and I integrated with Auth0. (success)
  2. I made RESTFul API service with SpringBoot. (success)
  3. I created an APIs on Auth0 dashboard. (success)
  4. Added permission read:messages on the APIs.
  5. Assigned to an user the permission read:messages.
  6. I called an api with Bearer token.
  7. I could not pass /private-scoped api.

What is wrong?!

Okay. I solved it. I requested the scope values when an user login on SPA.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!