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Scopes in Access Token are not well formed

My access token after login is not well formed.
This is a fragmet of my payload.

“scope”: “openid , profile , read:posts,create:posts,delete:posts,update:posts”,
“permissions”: []

as you can see openid and profile are divided by " , " but the others “,”. Now my spring boot backend can read only openid and profile scope. Can i format this in any way? Im using authorization extension.

this is my rule

    function (user, context, callback) {
      var permissions = user.permissions || [];
      var requestedScopes = context.request.body.scope || context.request.query.scope;
      requestedScopes.split(',').join(' ');
      var filteredScopes = requestedScopes.split(' ').filter( function(x) {
        return x.indexOf(':') < 0;
      context.accessToken.scope = filteredScopes.join(' ');

      callback(null, user, context);