Save User Profile Data using Rule in a local Data base

I am using Auth0 to login with my custom DB and I am using FB as provider.
I want to save all the coming data of the user after he logged . Now I can do that using Rules
I save the data of the user in another database because I do not want to affect the data of Auth0 but the json is very weird with strange fields $t , $v for example:

 "age_range": {
      "$t": 3,
      "$v": {
        "min": {
          "$t": 16,
          "$v": 21

As you can see it is very difficult to read and get the results I know depending of the provider the profile could be different.
I could see using Auth0 API I can get a normalized User Profile and all the data from another providers in a friendly way to read.
I would like to know if there is a easier way to save this data with the same structure of User Profile(easy way to read) in my database maybe getting the profile user data from the Auth0 API using a rule.
Thank you for your help!

The age range coming from Facebook would be in a format like age_range: { min: 21 } so the format you mention seems to be a translation from the original format to a different one where each property is expanded into $t and $v where $v likely represents the original value and $t possibly some metadata information.

This indicates that root cause of the issue is likely how you to store or read data from the database. doing a Google search suggests that you may get a format similar to that one if you’re using a Mongo library when talking to DocumentDB.

If you’re indeed talking to DocumentDB I would recommend you to try the specific SDK instead of trying to leverage the Mongo API compatibility. You should be able to use the DocumentDB Node.js SDK from a rule, in particular, with something like this:

var documentdb = require('documentdb@1.5.1');

It’s not the latest version, but it may resolve your situation.

Thank you for your answer!
Sorry but I am a beginner using auth0 I need to learn many things.
I did some research about this problem and now I can see the json that I want to save as document is invalid.

here is the json that I want to save I got this directly from the user in the rule(I mean I am saving the object user from the rule)

{ _id: '507fe250ba35a09cf6d39d027f75b10a',
  email: '',
  email_verified: false,
  clientID: 'gi1FcFBUSEX7c6srmZbgcR3m_IViva2F',
  updated_at: '2017-06-21T16:58:51.589Z',
  name: '',
  picture: 'xxx',
  user_id: 'xxx',
  nickname: 'test1',
  global_client_id: 'gi1FcFBUSEX7c6srmZbgcR3m_IViva2F',
  persistent: {} }

As you can see the json is using simple quote and the properties does not have double double quotes.
maybe this is the reason why I can not save the document properly.