Save user data to local db

I’ve just followed the quick start tutorial on Spring MVC and Auth0. If I want to create, for instance, a MyProfile.jsp and save data (using forms) from signed in users to a local db, what would the next steps be? How do I create new pages where users that have been signed in with Auth0, stay signed in? I’ve only done very simple examples of this in PHP before, so I’m more or less clueless on what to do next. I do know Java and I’m currently learning Spring. Any concrete tips or tips on references would be helpful.

The quickstart shows a quick way to maintain the notion of an authenticated user by storing the outcome of the authentication response in session. The next requests would check the session and see that authentication already occurred and as such would process the request in association with the authenticated user that the session represents.

If you then want to proceed to store data into your own store you should research online about how to use you selected data store along with Java Spring MVC. This is mostly unrelated to user authentication so you’ll find more useful resources in general Q&A forums like StackOverflow or through Google research.

The only thing relevant from an authentication perspective is that if you want to store data in association to a specific user, you should store that data along an identifier that uniquely identifies the user. When you use Auth0 for authentication the users are assigned a unique user identifier so that’s a good candidate for a piece of information to associate with your user specific data.