Samsung internet browser : problem with url redirect


I have an auth0 identification on an angular 5 SPA using auth0.js (as shown in the angular 2 quickstart). It works perfectly well with all browsers except the Samsung Internet Browser (I use version

After capturing login and password, the redirection failed with the message: “This website is inaccessible” (I am translating from French).

It seems that the browser is looking at a web page including the access_token.

Could you help me to solve this?

Thank you


The app is hosted on Azure.

I found the origin of the problem : the redirect url was https (the website is hosted on azure with the adress https://*

It works with all browsers but the https pages looking up by Samsung Internet browser were systematically not found. It works by changing the redirect url in http. I am now searching why and how to solve this.

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