SAML, SLO not working for me


I am trying to use the SAML SLO endpoint.
I am using the npm library ‘saml2-js’, which nicely constructed this SAML slo token / request:

Calling this url in the browser is successful and in the monitoring I get this event:

Seems like my user does not get logged out.

Is the SLO request missing some information ? For example is the session_id required ? If yes, how to get the session id ?

Appreciate any help on this!

May be similar to No active session(s) found matching LogoutRequest - SAML - Node - SAML2-JS .

Ok, I had to use the custom domain instead of “”.
Then it can find my user but auth0 can not find an active session to logout. How can that be ?
I logged in a minute before requesting the SLO. The session is also mentioned in the rawData…

Solved by myself, the issuer was wrong. It has to match the issuer which was used in the login.
Now it is working :sunny: .

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