Salesforce Integration Access Token Invalid

I am using this supported Salesforce Integration:

And I have followed all the steps for retrieving an IDP Access Token using the Management API. I am able to retrieve the following Salesforce Connection Identity:

"identities": [
    "access_token": "...",
    "provider": "salesforce-community",
    "user_id": "005300000##########",
    "connection": "salesforce-community",
    "isSocial": true

This has the same format as valid Salesforce access tokens, but when I use it against the Salesforce API I get a 401 Invalid Token error. I realize this likely has something to do with my Salesforce Connected App OAuth settings since I do appear to be getting a token from Salesforce itself, but I was just hoping someone may have used this integration before or the supporting developers know what requirements there are to retrieve a valid token.

Hi @howlettga,

Auth0 is simply providing the token returned from Salesforce, so it shouldn’t be related to Auth0 configuration. I would be fairly confident we can rule this out.

I would start by looking at the types of tokens SF issues and start troubleshooting from there.

Usually, invalid token errors mean that there is a problem with the token itself; i.e. it is expired, malformed, etc.

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