Rule Not Working w/ API Calls from my React Native app

I’ve been using Auth0 in my React web app. I also have a rule that works with new user sign ups. In my web (React) app, I use the Lock library and everything works fine.

Now, I created a React Native mobile app and because I have a custom login/sign up UI, I had to use the API method as opposed to using an Auth0 library such as Lock, etc.

My SignUp API calls work fine and create new users but my rule is NOT working with API calls. I checked to see if rules apply only to my web app but I don’t see any setting for that so I assume all rules should work for all apps that appear on my dashboard – including my new React Native mobile app.

Is there anything I need to do so that my rule will work with my API calls?

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Which endpoint are you calling for user signup? The rules are only executed post successful authentication. When a user signsup with lock widget, they are created and also automatically login (hence the rules are executed). However if you are creating users with management API, there isn’t any authentication that’s happening. I think that is what is happening here.

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Thank you for your help. You’re exactly right!

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