Rule based redirect override parameters

We are modifying the Link Account Extension.

Traditionally, this extension redirects users with multiple accounts (same email) to an external webtask, and if they choose to link their accounts, this webtask redirects them back to a secondary oauth flow at /authorize with the original state and nonce etc, but also passing the link_account_token from the primary oauth flow so that they can be linked.

The change we want is to force users into the linking process. We are planning to do this by bypassing the webtask, and sending them directly to the secondary oauth flow. However, when we try to pass the original state in that redirect, the query parameter is overriden by the automatic context.redirect behavior which binds a state query parameter. Frankly, since we are requiring they do the secondary flow, there is no chance of this flow being continued, so we don’t need the generated redirect state param. Is there any way around that?