Routing user based on existence in Auth0 upon Login

Hi Experts,

I have a scenario where as part of Login step we would like to check user’s existence into Auth0 first and if user is present, he should be presented with the Login-page1 (Username & Password), and if not present (needs to be migrated) in Auth0 then he should be presented with a Auth0 Login-page2 USERNAME + GROUP + PASSWORD where as part of Lazy Migration user will be authenticated from External DB and pulled into Auth0. After being imported into Auth0, going ahead he always supposed to be redirected to Login-Page1 only.

Is it this something feasible from Auth0 perspective?

Pls help/suggest.


Hi @aditya.b.gautam , welcom to our community! :wave:

The discovery part would need to be achieved on your side, on your application level, which would send the /authorize request to Auth0 with a relevant connection (database) name. The reason for that is:
-to do lazy migration, you would have to use our Universal Login, and
-Universal login can show up to the user with only one database login prompts (the first one assigned to the application or the one indicated with the /authorize request via the connection name).

The topic has been discussed here, so please take a look and let us know if any questions may arise from that.


Hi @marcelina.barycka ,

AFAIU, Discovery (HRD) won’t check for user existence at Auth0 and in my case I want user to searched first at Auth0, if found show them LoginPage_1 else LoginPage_2, where this login page must be Auth0 managed (Classic or Universal, any).


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