Roles and Permissions for Social Login (google)

I already receive Roles and Permissions for Auth0 login through Auth Ext using Rules. After adding Google as Identity Provider the Roles and Permission fields are empty for google-OAuth2 users. How do I get this information into the IdP login response?

The roles and permissions data managed by the extension is defined at a per-user and per-application level so roles and permissions will be returned in the same way for social authentication users (Google in this case) as long as the information was associated to the users.

I just tried authenticating with both a Google user and a database user and as long I ensure that I assign a given role to both users through the extension then that role will be available to be included in the issued tokens.

If you’re associating roles and permissions to your Google and database users, but you’re then only seeing information returned in one scenario you should include more information in the question, more specifically, how do you assign roles and permission and then how do you include them in the issued tokens.