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Permission and Role always empty


I am observing a weird issue with the Authorization extension for my user account. My account’s app_metadata roles and permissions are always empty. Only the groups are populated. However, other users in my tenant have roles, permissions, and groups properly populated in their app_metadata. This propagates to the JWT. I can’t see any claims in the JWT for my user account.


My app:

  • Client is a native WPF app using the Auth0Client (PKCE flow).
  • REST service is a core MVC service.

Other users are able to use the app because their JWT have the right claims. However, my account does not work. When I look at other users’ profile in the Auth0 dashboard, their app_metadata have roles and permissiosn. My account roles and permissions are empty [ ]. Only my groups is populated.

It looks like the issues is related to my account. I had signed up to Auth0 with username and password. Later, I signed in with Google Identity Provider. The Google oauth account is the one I need. I had added both my username-password and my oauth accounts to the authorization groups that I had created. The Google oauth account’s role and permission is having this issue.

I have tried the following:

  1. Removed just the username+password account.
  2. Removed both the username password and the Google oauth accounts entirely from my tenant. Then re-adding just the Google oauth account.

But I am still having this issue. What is the right way to clean up my accounts so that the Authorization extension can properly populate the permissions and roles?


Issue is resolved after I remove the google oauth account from the groups, and then re-add the user back to the groups.