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Authorization extension, roles and permissions always empty if user group is empty


My config:
SPA Application
Google App enterprise connection

0. with authorization extension configured (all groups, roles, and permissions)

  1. create role (roleA)
  2. assign a user (userA) with roleA
  3. make sure userA has belongs to a group
  4. login as userA. You’ll see the groups, roles, and permissions are included.
  5. remove all the groups from userA
  6. logout
  7. re-login. This time all groups, roles and permissions will be empty


Is this a known issue or by design?


Hey there @yapith what version of the Authorization Extension are you using? Are you seeing any errors in the console when removing the groups/roles/permissions? Thanks in advance!


Hi James,

I later realized that auth0 roles are application-scoped unlike groups. I was also mislead by another post about possible bug in the authorization extension. Apologies for the confusion.


No problem @yapith. Be sure to let us know if have any questions in the future!


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