Reusing the same connection for customers and staff users

Our client currently has a public facing app and now we are tasking a new app (or a different version of the same app, we haven’t decided yet) that is only accessible for staff to use.

We are considering the pros and cons of keeping these 2 groups of users as part of the same database (same connection) or keeping them separate.

We’d like to know if anyone has faced the same situation and what pros and cons of each approach we should be considering, or any best practices that would exist when using Auth0 for this.

One obvious question would be if we’d still be able to customize social login per version of the app (for instance, allow social login in the public app but not in the staff app). Looks like the way auth0 works, social login users are in a separate dabatase (connection) even if you have a single app.

Thank you to anyone who can contribute.