Retrieve auth0 access token through Azure Bot Channel Registration with Generation Oath 2 connection

Hey all,

I am having some issues retrieving correct access token through Generic Oauth 2 connection from my Azure Bot Framework.

My connection settings are as follows:

When I test connection ,it prompts me to log in using auth0 as expected - in Auth0 logs I can see that the login succeeds, and I can see I get redirected to my expected redirect url.

The resulting access token I get in the result page is as follows:

Which seemed wrong, I used jwt token decode to confirm, and it is indeed an invalid access token.

If I try the connection with my Azure AD, I retrieve a correct usable access token (but for my O365 account), and it needs to work with Auth0 users.

Swapped to OAuth 2 Generic Provider and manually set up the URL templates to supply the requests with missing audience parameter, and it works as expected now.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!