Retain Login session in iOS Web view

I have implemented auth0 login in my app with Auth0 iOS SDK . When i try to open profile page in app web view, it is taking me to login again. How to maintain the session to open the profile page without login again.

I have check the SFSafariViewController and WKWebView but it didn’t work.

  • auth0-swift
  • SDK Version: 1.39.0*
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Hi @Satish.Kishorbhai welcome to the community! Have you had any luck with this since you posted?

I know our sample app uses SFSafariViewController as that’s the recommended approach. I believe cookies are set on login so perhaps you could compare against the sample app - While I’m not super familiar with the SDK (yet!) I’d be happy to dig into this a bit deeper depending on where you’ve landed since your original post.

Let us know!

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