REST Architecture - Part 1: Building The API

Learn how to build client-server systems by applying the REST architecture principles. Part 1 shows how to build a true RESTful API by using Node.js and Express.js.

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I love this Blog post, Thank you. Just to let you know I ran in to some problems after starting this from scratch.

package-lock.json 7 vulnerabilities from the git clone -b starting-point

My fix was to remove packages and package-lock.json and run the install and then having to npm audit fix --force

After doing this I ran in to…


TypeError: Cannot read property 'getClients' of undefined

Any thoughts?

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Hey @DigitalWolfCa, thank you for reporting this issue.
I will investigate and come back to you as soon as possible.

Hi @DigitalWolfCa,
I applied the audit fix to my local copy of the project, but I’m not able to reproduce your issue. Of course, I’m assuming you followed the steps indicated in the article after cloning the starting-point branch.
Can you provide more details about your issue or even better, can you share your code to take a look at it?
Also, have you tried to run the final version of the project downloaded from our GitHub repository?

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