Node.js and TypeScript Tutorial: Secure an Express API

Learn how to use TypeScript and Auth0 to secure a feature-complete Express.js API. Learn how to use Auth0 to implement authorization in Express.
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Anyone else getting an error “getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN https https:443” when trying to delete, update, or add items?

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I have been following this tutorial:

When I get to the step where I need to configure my WHATABYTE Authentication settings, the application refuses to accept my Auth0 domain claiming it “must be a valid Auth0 domain” and disables the save button. I know my domain is valid as I am currently using it for multiple other applications.

I believe there is a bug in the WHATABYTE form validation for the Auth0 Domain input field. My domain name is of the form So possibly the use of dashes in the domain falls outside of the regular expression used for the form validation.

Hey there Michael!

Let me relay it to our content team! Thanks for reporting that!

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Thanks Konrad,

Could you please reply here or send me a message once a patch gets pushed? I’d love to finish the tutorial.

Sure will let you know once it’s there but as of now there is no ETA for that

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Thank you for the response, and happy birthday, Konrad!

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Thanks a lot for the wishes!

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