Resource Owner Password grant while migrating users

I am setting up my initial password flows for auth0 and one requirement has me using a password grant.
I have it working for users that are new or have been migrated from our custom database. However, if I try and do it for an un-migrated user I get a username and password error.

This behaviour appears inconsistent to me.
This app can not find a user via the management API because the user doesn’t exist.
Nor can it create a user, because the email exists in getuser.js
Nor can it migrate a user, because it is using a password grant.(which apparently doesn’t call login.js)
Interestingly my ActiveDirectory users migrate using the above technique.

Is this expected behaviour?

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Thank you for posting in Auth0 Community @justinboyd!

Can you please share what kind of application are you using? Are you following any Auth0 SDK?

As outlined in the following documentation, the ROPG flow is not recommended to be used when securing a CLI.

To clarify, are the username and passwords associated with an end user, or are they an identifier for a service?