Resend to user the reset password email

I’m using the auth0 hooks from @auth0/auth0-react
When we create a new user an email sent to his mailbox to begin a reset password process,
I’m looking for a way to send that email again from my react app (resend button).
Is it possible?

I may be missing something, but you can request on behalf of the user for a new reset email to be delivered by performing a request to this endpoint ( Have you already tried to use this endpoint to achieve this?

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I thought maybe there is something similar in the auth0 API from @auth0/auth0-react,
but maybe I will just use your solution.


I confess I’m not overly experience with that specific SDK, however, I don’t believe it offers a wrapper for this endpoint in specific so you may indeed need to use direct HTTP calls or consider bundling another SDK.

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