Resend Passwordless OTP

I am signup user using passwordless SMS (otp) is there any way to resend OTP again.

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If I understand correctly, you want to know how to resend the OTP to a user to log into an App configured with Passwordless authentication.

Could you please go to Authentication → Passwordless → click on SMS → under the Try Tab, enter the user’s phone number? Then the user will receive a new OTP to log into the App.

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This is manual efforts. Is there a way, if users clicks on my button for resending the OTP and they receive it.
Situation : User did not receive the OTP in some time and then they can just click on any button from mobile or web and then they receive the OTP to login.

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To accomplish this, could you please try configuring a submit button to call the Authentication API endpoint /passwordless/start, and let us know how it goes? Thanks!

Thank you! that means we need to start authentication and in that case new OTP will sent. My query was, is there a way to resend the same OTP.
Is there any API that we can use to resending the same OTP.


I found this topic talking about sending the same OTP. Hope this helps!

No, here same otp for Email and sms have been discussed.


I am not aware of any API can resend the same OTP. Sending a unique OTP is for security purpose. Hitting the endpoint again will restart the process.

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yup, thanks! Hitting the endpoint again will restart the process.