Request for a Unified Passwordless Login Page

Feature: Unified Passwordless Login Page

Description: We propose the creation of a unified passwordless login page that enables users to input either their email address or mobile number for authentication, akin to the user interface for database connection logins. Currently, the passwordless authentication process requires distinct login URLs for each connection type, necessitating the inclusion of a connection parameter. This process complicates the user experience and increases the overhead for applications, as they must accommodate different connection types. A single, unified login page would streamline this process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Use-case: Our application utilizes passwordless authentication for our users, providing them with the option to log in using either their email or mobile number. However, managing separate URLs for each authentication method has introduced complexity and redundancy in our system. By implementing a unified login page, we aim to simplify the user experience, allowing users to choose their preferred method of authentication on a single page. This change would also reduce the development and maintenance overhead on our end, as we would no longer need to manage and differentiate between multiple connection types and login URLs.

Thanks in advance for Voting.