Replace Google Authenticator title with Okta?

Hello, I have a question regarding the google-authenticator mfa. My team uses Okta internally which does the same token generation as Google Authenticator. Is there a way we can change the mfa page to say “scan with Google Authenticator” to “scan with Okta” so our users don’t get confused? Thank you.

Are you using the default “mfa-widget” for the MFA UI? If so, you can provide a languageDictionary object to override some UI text. E.g:

  return new Auth0MFAWidget({
    [...], // all the options configured by default
    languageDictionary: {
          totpAuth: {
            headerText: 'Get a verification code from Okta:'

The languageDictionary is an object that you can use to provide different text labels. You can provide only the ones that you want to change and leave the others as the defaults. Its complete form would look like this:

  defaults: {
    iddleHelpUrl: '#',
    rememberBrowserCheckbox: 'Remember this browser',
    title: 'Login to {tenantName}'

  downloadApp: {
    headerText: 'Download Auth0 Guardian for free:',
    pushEnrollmentAction: 'I\'ve already downloaded it',
    smsAndTotpEnrollmentActions: 'I\'d rather use <sms>SMS</sms> or <ga>Google Authenticator</ga>',
    totpEnrollmentActions: 'I\'d rather use <ga>Google Authenticator</ga>',
    smsEnrollmentActions: 'I\'d rather use <sms>SMS</sms>',
    iosLabel: 'App Store',
    iosUrl: '',
    iosImg: '<svg width="27px" height="33px" viewBox="37 22 27 33" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" class="auth0-mfa-svg-icon"><g stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" transform="translate(37.000000, 22.000000)"><path d="M22.0964148,17.5965957 C22.0594667,13.4821277 25.4586963,11.4804255 25.6141333,11.387234 C23.6890074,8.57489362 20.7051259,8.1906383 19.656563,8.16 C17.1504593,7.89574468 14.7195259,9.66255319 13.4429037,9.66255319 C12.1408,9.66255319 10.1749037,8.18553191 8.05611852,8.22893617 C5.3296,8.27106383 2.7789037,9.85276596 1.37997037,12.3089362 C-1.50708148,17.3170213 0.646103704,24.6765957 3.41211852,28.7246809 C4.79576296,30.707234 6.41256296,32.9208511 8.5288,32.8429787 C10.5991704,32.7574468 11.3725333,31.5204255 13.8709926,31.5204255 C16.3465185,31.5204255 17.0727407,32.8429787 19.2310222,32.7931915 C21.4530074,32.7574468 22.8519407,30.8017021 24.1871704,28.8012766 C25.7861333,26.5289362 26.4282667,24.2910638 26.4537481,24.1761702 C26.4015111,24.1582979 22.1384593,22.5280851 22.0964148,17.5965957 L22.0964148,17.5965957 Z" fill="#FFFFFF"></path><path d="M18.0193778,5.49702128 C19.1329185,4.10170213 19.8948148,2.20340426 19.6833185,0.277021277 C18.0716148,0.348510638 16.0560296,1.39404255 14.8953481,2.7587234 C13.8684444,3.9612766 12.9511111,5.93234043 13.1880889,7.78595745 C14.9985481,7.9212766 16.8574222,6.8706383 18.0193778,5.49702128 L18.0193778,5.49702128 Z" fill="#FFFFFF"></path></g></svg>',
    androidLabel: 'Google Play',
    androidUrl: '',
    androidImg: '<svg width="30px" height="34px" viewBox="35 22 30 34" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" class="auth0-mfa-svg-icon"><g stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" transform="translate(35.000000, 22.000000)"><polygon fill="#ffffff" points="0.0311829399 32.9244984 0.0311829399 1.02956758 16.5681333 17.6173695"></polygon><polygon fill="#ffffff" points="0.60957618 0.0196753921 17.3854403 16.8471259 22.6948251 11.782715"></polygon><polygon fill="#ffffff" transform="translate(11.025248, 26.014581) scale(1, -1) translate(-11.025248, -26.014581)" points="0.60957618 18.1008562 17.3854403 33.9283067 21.4409189 29.8631472"></polygon><path d="M18.3964257,17.493946 L23.8211074,12.6992188 L28.7813766,15.7894686 C29.3871829,16.1668862 29.4042508,16.7930368 28.8086222,17.1953618 L22.3003286,21.5914726 L18.3964257,17.493946 Z" fill="#ffffff"></path></g></svg>'

  pushAuth: {
    pushSent: {
      useTotpFallback: 'If you haven\'t received the notification,<br></br>just <manualInput>enter the code</manualInput> manually.'

    pushTimeout: {
      resendAction: 'Resend push notification',
      timeoutText: 'Didn\'t receive the push notification?',
      useRecoveryCode: 'Lost your device? <recovery>Use the recovery code</recovery>',
      useTotpFallback: '<manualInput>Enter the code manually</manualInput>'

  totpAuth: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter the 6-digit code',
    headerText: 'Get a verification code from the Google Authenticator (or similar) app:',
    useRecoveryCode: 'Lost your device? <recovery>Use the recovery code</recovery>'

  smsAuth: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter the 6-digit code',
    headerText: 'Enter the 6-digit code we\'ve just sent to your phone.',
    useRecoveryCode: 'Lost your device? <recovery>Use the recovery code</recovery>'

  guardianTotpAuth: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter the 6-digit code',
    headerText: 'Get a verification code from the Auth0 Guardian app.'

  recoveryCodeAuth: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter your code here',
    headerText: 'We will generate a new recovery code<br />once you\'ve logged in:'

  pushEnrollment: {
    headerText: 'Scan this code with Auth0 Guardian:'

  enrollmentCongrats: {
    congrats: 'Congratulations, you are all set.<br />In the future when logging in you\'ll want your device handy.',
    continueButtonText: 'Continue'

  reportRecoveryCode: {
    headerText: 'In the event that you need to login without your device you\'ll need a recovery code. Take a note and keep this somewhere safe:',
    confirmationLabel: 'I have safely recorded this code'

  generalError: {
    errorsRecoveryHelp: {
      default: 'Looks like something went wrong.<br />Please try logging in again from the application.',

      globalTransactionExpired: 'The login was not successful.<br />Please try again.',

      // Auth0 Server Errors
      guardianInvalidNonce: 'Please try logging in again from the application.',
      guardianInvalidToken: 'Please try logging in again from the application.',
      invalidLoginTokenStatus: 'Please try logging in again from the application.',
      loginTokenInvalidSignature: 'Please try logging in again from the application.',
      loginTokenTransactionExpired: 'Please try logging in again from the application.'

  smsEnrollmentConfirm: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter the 6-digit code',
    headerText: 'In order to confirm enrollment we need to confirm your phone. Please enter the received code.'

  totpEnrollment: {
    codePlaceholder: 'Enter your passcode here',
    headerText: 'Scan this QR code with Google Authenticator (or similar) app:'

  smsEnrollmentAddPhoneNumber: {
    headerText: 'Please enter your phone<br />in order to enroll.',
    phoneNumberLabel: 'A code will be sent to this number:',
    phoneNumberPlaceholder: 'Your phone number'
    // countryCodes: { 'US': 'Translation of United States', ... '<country code>': '<translation>' }

  authCongrats: {
    congrats: 'We have verified your identity. Redirecting...',
    congratsNoRedirect: 'We have verified your identity.',
    continueButtonText: 'Continue'

  errorMessages: {
    alreadyEnrolled: 'You are already enrolled, cannot enroll again',
    authMethodDisabled: 'The specified authentication method is disabled',
    connectionError: 'Looks like we cannot contact our server. Please check your internet connection and retry.',
    default: 'Looks like something went wrong. Please retry.',
    defaultRequest: 'Looks like we found a problem contacting our server. Please retry.',
    enrollmentConflict: 'Seems that you have already enrolled. Try logging in again from the application.',
    enrollmentMethodDisabled: 'The specified enrollment method is disabled',
    enrollmentNotFound: 'We couldn\'t find your enrollment. You\'ve probably started enrollment from another device. Finish it there or try logging in again from the application.',
    enrollmentTransactionNotFound: 'The mfa enrollment transaction is not active or has expired. Please try again.',
    errorSendingPushNotification: 'We found an error sending your notification. Please try again.',
    errorSendingPushNotificationManualFallback: 'We could not send the push. Please enter the code manually.',
    errorSendingSms: 'We found an error sending your code. Please try again in a few seconds.',
    errorSendingSmsManualFallback: 'We could not send the sms. Please try the recovery code.',
    featureDisabled: 'This module is currently disabled.',
    featureDisabledByAdmin: 'This module was disabled by the admin.',
    fieldRequired: 'Please fill out required field.',
    globalTransactionExpired: 'Your login attempt has timed out.',
    guardianInvalidNonce: 'There was a problem authenticating your request origin. Have you started too many parallel logins?',
    guardianInvalidToken: 'There was a problem validating authentication request format.',
    insufficientScope: 'Seems that you are not authorized to perform this action.',
    invalidBearerFormat: 'Seems that you are not authorized to perform this action.',
    invalidLoginTokenStatus: 'Unexpected state validating your request.',
    invalidOtp: 'Seems that your code is not valid, please check and retry.',
    invalidOtpFormat: 'OTP Code must have 6 numeric characters',
    invalidPhoneNumber: 'Seems that your phone number is not valid. Please check and retry.',
    invalidRecoveryCode: 'Seems that your recovery code is not valid. Please check and try again.',
    invalidRecoveryCodeFormat: 'Recovery code must have 24 alphanumeric characters',
    invalidToken: 'Seems that you are not authorized to perform this action.',
    loginRejected: 'Auth has been rejected. Try again.',
    loginTokenInvalidSignature: 'We cannot verify who seems to be the issuer for this request',
    loginTokenTransactionExpired: 'Your authentication request is expired. Is your connection slow?',
    loginTransactionNotFound: 'Seems that your device has taken too long to login. Please try again.',
    noMethodAvailable: 'There is currently no authentication method available.',
    noPublicKeyAvailable: 'We cannot verify your identity. Contact tenant admin.',
    pnEndpointDisabled: 'Seems that we cannot deliver messages to your cell phone. Please try again.',
    pushNotificationNotConfigured: 'Seems that enrollment was not finished. Please try logging in again from the application.',
    pushNotificationWrongCredentials: 'Seems that your device credentials are outdated. Please re-enroll your device or wait for them to be updated.',
    smsNotConfigured: 'You cannot use this module because you\'ve enrolled with a different one.',
    socketError: 'We cannot connect to real time channel.',
    // tenant_not_found | The tenant associated cannot be found. Should not normally hapen at least that you delete the tenant
    tooManyPn: 'You have exceeded the amount of push notifications per minute. Please wait and try again.',
    tooManyPnPerTenant: 'There are too many push requests right now. Wait a few minutes and try again.',
    tooManySms: 'You have exceeded the amount of SMSs per hour. Wait a few minutes and try again.',
    tooManySmsPerTenant: 'There are too many SMSs right now.  Wait a few minutes and try again.'
    // | transaction_expired | The transaction has already expired |

  successMessages: {
    auth: 'We have successfully verified your identity. Redirecting...',
    pushSent: 'We\'ve sent a push to: {enrollmentName}',
    smsSent: 'We\'ve sent an sms to: {phoneNumber}'

  infoMessages: {
    iddle: 'Can we help you?<br></br><iddleHelp>Click here to learn more</iddleHelp>'

Hope that helps!

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