renewAuth, hosted page and custom domain

I need to use the hosted login page because I need renewAuth to work. Is it possible to set a custom domain for it? Or, as a side question, is it possible to host the login page on my server and preserve the renewAuth feature? Having to redirect on auth0 is not nice.

To clarify:

  • I need renewAuth, my users don’t like to retype passwords often or being thrown to login when an api token expires
  • I’d like to have the login page in my domain
  • I am not interested in the hosting offered by auth0, I just need to use it to make renewAuth work

At this time if you need that an authentication session be established (for renewAuth) and you’re using API authorization or OIDC compliance then the available option is to go through the hosted login page which would imply the use of your Auth0 account domain. I’ve seen discussions around allowing the possibility to use customized domains for the hosted login page, but at this point I can’t provide you any definitive information about if/when/how will that be available.

Given your restrictions on the above the other alternative would be to maintain the input of user credentials in your application and still manage to establish a session. There’s an ongoing effort to support this scenario; again I won’t provide any timeline because we all know how software development is volatile, but I can let you know that it already progressed well beyond just being on paper.

Thanks. My major concern here is that the redirect to a different domain totally disrupts the browser saving credentials to keychain. I know my users trust and use it but I’ve not found any way to make it work. I’d gladly accept suggestions.
Moreover, browser bookmarks are disrupted. I am using the login page as the main landing page of my app since I don’t want the user to click “login” for starting the redirect.