renewAuth from different tabs (with different users) return new tokens for th elast user that was loged in to

We use auth0.js in an Angular app. We use webAuth.authorize to log users in (redirecting to Auth0).
In Chrome, we use different tabs to login as different users.

Now when we call webAuth.renewAuth to get new tokens using silent login, Auth0 returns tokens for the last user that we logged in to instead of for the user we logged in for in that tab.

Can we somehow let Auth0 know for which user we want to get new tokens?


At this time, an authenticated session is bound to a single user identity/account so the last user to login overrides any session that may have existed previously. This means that as far as I’m aware what you describe is not possible.

As a workaround you would need to start different browser sessions (not just different tabs) in order to login as different user and maintain both sessions active.