Auth0 mulitple login with different tabs in same browse

My application which is build in angular 5 uses Auth0 for login. Once the login is successful i store the access token in sessionStorage. So the problems are

  1. If there are two tabs in the same browser with two different users and if the users are logged out, from one of the tab the user cannot login back.

2.I use auth.js library for Auth0 integration and there is a timer which will tirgger every two minute and will call a ‘checkSession’ method of auth.js library. This method will given a access token which i store in the sessionStorage. The problem if there is two different tabs in the same browser the checkSession method is giving the same accessToken.

Please help me on this

I think this is the expected behaviour. Tabs aren’t separate browser sessions. E.g., I cannot be logged in to my bank account and my wife’s bank account at the same time in the same browser. The session data is shared between all the tabs and windows of a single browser session. If you want to log in as two separate users at the same time I believe you need to either use an incognito window or two different browsers.

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@markd, For me its happing in incognito also. I have same setup as @subinmathewit.
Please advice the solution.

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