Remove browser input validation

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Remove browser input validation and default back to Auth0 input validation

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We are beginning localization support in our application, starting with Spanish. Our application translates based on the user’s browser language settings, and I am glad to see that Auth0 is also translating based on the same setting when the user is rerouted to the login page then back to us.

As we’ve been testing our localization changes, we noticed that the email and password input fields on the Auth0 login page display a bubble in English “Please fill out this field.” when the user tries to log in without entering anything in the inputs. This is inconsistent with the rest of the application and should be displaying error messages in the user’s preferred language.

This message comes from the browser and is triggered whenever an HTML5 input field uses the “required” attribute. I have read that it should translate under certain circumstances, but it doesn’t seem to identify preferred language based on the same settings that Auth0 does. Auth0 already has their own input validation, which translates properly. So this inconsistency could be fixed by removing the “required” attribute from their email/password input fields on the login form and defaulting back to their in-application error handling.

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the Auth0 Community!