Remove billing information

Is there a way to remove all of my billing information from the auth0 platform?

I am about to hand over a tenant to a client, but I don’t want the client to have access to my credit card information. I downgraded my account to a free plan. How can I solve this? Thanks in advance!

Hey there @ilja.cooreman!

Not sure but let me confirm it and get back to you shortly! I’ll just ping the appropriate team to find more about it

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Yes we are able to do that. I will need to place an internal request to delete your billing info from our system

Do you want me to start the procedure?

yes, that would be great!

Perfect! Send me your email associated with the tenant you created as well as the tenant via private message (click on my avatar pic here and there will be a blue message box). Once I have this info I will inform you via email regarding one last step.

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