Reject Login in Action While Returning Data or Capturing Sign Up on Client Side

I have a react SPA that’s functionally the same as the example app (React Authentication By Example: Using React Router 6) and I want to send a custom Google Analytics event on certain successful signups. I want to send this event for both social and DB users, while rejecting unverified DB users in an action.
For social users, I can send custom authorizationParams in the loginWithRedirect that originates the signup and read them after the redirect. For DB users however, the authorization will be rejected by the verification action and my custom params will be lost.

Specifically, is there any way I can send back custom params while rejecting a login?

More generally, if I want to trap the event of a successful sign up, on the client side, for both DB and social users, while rejecting unverified users, what is the best way to do this?


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