Regular Web Application question


i want to integrate auth0 in my serverless computing enviroment. I am using vue as frontend and cloudflare workers as backend.

I created a Regular Web Application in Auth0 and there under credentials was the private jwt option, which would be perfect for my cloudflare workers backend.

My flow would be vue.js frontend gets from auth0 the signed jwt and then automatically is authorized for my backend because they both share the private key for the jwt.

Would this make sense?

No calls via api → less computing time → less cost

But then i saw jwt private token has a enterprise tag, what does this mean, do i need a plan for this or is it free to use? Any limitations that i have to know?

Thanks for all who can help me with this!

Hi there @xFloz ,

That’s right, the Enterprise tag means that the Enterprise (paid) subscription is required to use the feature.

More on this authentication method here: Authenticate with Private Key JWT

Feel free to take a look and let us know if you have more questions about that.

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