**refreshToken** property in interface RefreshTokenResponse?

  • Which SDK this is regarding: react-native-auth0

I saw code of refreshToken function in react-native-auth0

refreshToken(params: RefreshTokenParams): Promise<RefreshTokenResponse>;
export interface RefreshTokenResponse {
    accessToken: string;
    expiresIn: number;
    idToken: string;
    refreshToken?: string | undefined;
    scope?: string | undefined;
    tokenType: string;

What is refreshToken in interface RefreshTokenResponse ? is this new refreshToken after we use this funtion ?

hello @konrad.sopala , could you please help ?

Hi @duong.tran2

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You are correct, this is the new Refresh Token returned when the existing Access Token is refreshed. You can find more information about refresh tokens


Hope it helps

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Hello Jeff0,
It has “?” . That mean it is optional. When refreshToken function will return the new Refresh Token and when not ? thank you.

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