Refresh token not working on "@auth0/auth0-angular"

I’m using “@auth0/auth0-angular” with my Ionic Angular app and I’ve already follow the instructions of auth0 dashboard configuration from this post.

and got the refresh toke in the response of POST /oauth/token endpoint. But after the token is expired, I got 401 Unauthorized error from my api. Not sure why the new access token hasn’t been generated?

Also, not sure if the refreshing/generating token process should make a request that we are able to see in the network inspection tab?

Because after I logged in and the token expired, there’s no any request to Auth0 to refresh/generate the token.

Hey there @wnimlaor !

Thanks for the detailed description of the issue - Can you take a look at the following post and confirm your experience either way?

Hi @tyf , I’ve already implemented all the 3 steps at the first place.

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