How do refresh token works in auth0 angular12 using auth0/auth0-angular?

I’m trying to use refreshed token for calling the backend API when existing token gets expired
with auth0 in angular12 SPA, But i’m not finding any proper explanation in any documentation.

I’ve tried calling getTokenSilently() method which resulting the Token, but i’m not sure that is that a correct one or not as i’m still recieveing 401!
I am completely lost with it, should i’ve to call getIdTokenClaims again ?, or i’ve to use token returned by method getTokenSilently() ?
or i’ve to use token returned by method getTokenSilently() to get the access token ?

Here is my configuration of auth0 as per the documentation of Refresh Token.

      domain: environment.auth0_client_domain,
      clientId: environment.auth0_client_id,
      audience: `${environment.audience}`,
      useRefreshTokens: true,
      httpInterceptor: {
        allowedList: [`${environment.serverUrl}/*`],

Here also, i’ve modified all the settings in auth0 dashboard as per the documentation

Additionally , i’ve set ID Token Expiration to 60 sec, but i’m still able to use that token for longer, so is there anything missing?