Redirect to passwordless login or normal login based on query parameter


I have two different types of users:

  • “Normal users” that are logging in to my application using email+password.
  • “Passwordless users” that are beying invited by the normal users to try the service and they use passwordless OTP login.

Now I want to be ale to show normal login (email+password) to my “Normal users” and in the other hand show the passwordless login (email->OTP) to my “Passwordless users”.

I don’t want to show the users the option to choose which login method, instead I want to have some query parameter that will be added to login page if the user is coming from a given url, in the custom login I want to collect this query param using JS and show the respective login method based on the value of the query param.

Is there any way to add a query param to the login page ?